Monday, June 23, 2014

Life and career Early life and beginnings

Life and career
Early life and beginnings
Biyogya Nehwang was born on April 4. 191, in Mirik Dist- Darjeeling, into a Nehwang family. When he was about 10 years old, he Father Died. He started learning music age 14 he started rapping, and went to Kurseong for his study and Biyogya started working with spears band as a bass guitarist and rapper.
Biyogya ( Nobe Raw Rapper ) have done showcase with his band members and done lot of fun and enjoyable memories. He have good knowledge of music like Buzz, Jazz, R&B, Mattel, Classical, and skill of vocal etc.
Biyogya have one quality that his every rap song's he sing's without writing any lyric.
Biyogya have face lot of struggle in his life, he was like a home less kids. He have been broken down and rearrange so many time just like a zig- show puzzle in his life, sadness and sorrowfulness like silkworm feed on mellbarry leaf. But also he never give up, he keep on practicing rap. When he was student he recorded his first song hey love, mo bakari.

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