Monday, June 23, 2014

On the other hand

On the other hand, some commentators (for example, Spike Lee in his satirical film Bamboozled) have criticized gangsta rap as analogous to black minstrel shows and blackface performance, in which performers – both black and white – were made up to look African American, and acted in a stereotypically uncultured and ignorant manner for the entertainment of audiences. Gangsta rappers often defend themselves by saying that they are describing the reality of inner-city life, and that they are only adopting a character, like an actor playing a role, which behaves in ways that they may not necessarily endorse. Gangsta Rappers appears hardcore and "badder" compared to the early concepts and themes of hip-hop because they were saying what some people were afraid to say. Plenty of victims of police brutality wanted to say "fuck the police" but they were afraid to say it; they were too afraid of appearing to be anti-American or anti- government order. 

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